Month: January 2014

He Was Left Behind

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He Was Left Behind – By Aimee Wahl

He loves her,

He loves her and she left him.

And now he sits and rocks his life away,

Rocking in that old chair.

That old chair where she sat beside him,

She sat beside him and smiled.

He mourns her,

He mourns her as if she were his own life.

And now he sits, and rocks his life away,

Crying in that old chair.

That old chair where she laughed beside him.

He needs her,

He needs her and she is gone anyway.

And now he sits, and rocks his life away,

Dying in that old chair,

That old chair where she died beside him.


* I am in process of finishing up my second book – so feel free to leave some feedback on the poems that I am putting up!!! Thanks!*


Pollution You Can See

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I just read this article that talks about the most polluted city worldwide. Which happens to be New Delhi.  I found this really interesting because the photos that I have always seen of New Delhi portray it in a state of elegance and beauty so seeing the pictures of actual smog that looks touchable was a surprise to me.

I have always loved to travel to new places and New Delhi was definitely on my bucket list, but now I am not really sure if it is worth breathing in that kind of air. I mean, it isn’t like there isn’t pollution around the major city I live in, but I can’t actually taste it or anything. And in the photos put in this story, I would think that you could definitely taste that smog.

It made me stop and wonder how it is that people can live in those kind of conditions. It seems to me that there would be a resolution to the pollution problems that pop up in all major cities, not just New Delhi.  Maybe there should be a little more focus on the “go green” theme – I mean, shouldn’t we be trying to leave something to be proud of for our children? Or is the desire to just do whatever you what – the future be darned the way to go? I am not saying that I have any solutions myself of course, I recycle and do my small part, it just seems like there is more that we could be doing to take care of the world we live in.

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My Ferocious Guard Dog

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My Ferocious Guard Dog

This is Thor. He likes to make sure I am well protected. If you knock on my door, he might lick you to death. Or jump on you so much you just want to leave. He even occasionally gets so excited to protect me he pees a little, on strangers feet. Either way he WINS! 🙂

10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman

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This is a song that I heard this morning as I was wandering around doing my morning routine of rounding up kids and embracing my chaos. I just found it very soothing and had to pass it along!

Ocean of Sad

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Ocean of Sad

Zombie Disease!!

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That’s right! I just read an awesome – (actually sad) – article about this new thing going on in the vast Bee world. The article drew my attention because the title mentioned Zombie Bee’s and I am a zombie fan, so I had to check it out.  In actuality it is not really a Zombie Bee…sorry to spoil it for you but it is just a disease that appears to have been spreading over to the US that is killing bees.

When I saw the title though, I got this idea in my head of a movie about a super strain of Zombie Bee’s that wreaks havoc all over the world – turning people into zombies – it could be a zombie palooza! …. It would be a SyFy Thriller! LOL! And then after reading the actual article I kind of felt bad about turning a terrible sickness into a joke, but really? Whoever decided to name it a Zombie disease had to have had the same kind of thought. Maybe it is their way of attracting attention to this bee plight.

It worked! Now I want to know if they have come up with anyway of getting rid of this disease and helping the bees. Turns out there is a lot about the bee world that I don’t know! But this article gave me a start and now I am going to see what other exciting things turn up in the honey making business.

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Final Satisfaction

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Filled with light,

Floating in air.

She is dancing,

 Long legs in motion.

She is sailing,

 A place in her head.

She is proceeding,

 Following the bright white.

She is completed,

A quick glance at her vessel.

The end has come,