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So this past week I have been feeling cold like and just yesterday I didn’t think I would survive. I have never been in so much pain full body wise as I was yesterday morning. So of course I had my husband take me to the doctor. I just knew they were gonna say I had pneumonia or some awful bacterial infection, but after shoving a q-tip up my nose in a horribly painful fashion the verdict came back. Flu.  Say what?! How is it possible that a flu can cause your body to just hate on you so much?  In my entire life the only flu that I have had has been the 24 hour, vomit and feel better one. This is just HORRIBLE.  So they gave me a script for Tamiflu, and now I wonder what exactly does Tamiflu do to help with the whole body hating you thing.  The package does not give any type of explanation of how it helps, it just says it prevents the flu.  Oh well.

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