Morbid Moment

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Drove past a cemetery last night and I couldn’t help stopping and thinking about death in general for a bit.  It is really strange to me to think that my entire existence will someday be broken down to a single sentence on a tombstone, that literally no one is going to care about 50 years from now.  How many of us actually go to our ancestors cemetery plots and spend time thinking about them?

So after a good round of self-pity I expanded that thought to the entire world. Most of our population, minus the few who have actually contributed memorable things to the planet will be forgotten.  Knowing that all the work that you go in and do everyday – 40+ hours a week at a desk or whatever it is you have to do, it all comes down to a sentence on a tombstone.  Yep, morbid I know.  So knowing that we are all so absolutely unimportant in the grand scheme of things my priorities are finding themselves realigning.  Maybe instead of trying for that meaningless nonsense of the world of careers and money we should be focusing on the things that really matter. Family, love, life in general.  My children.


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