Red Ticket

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You spent your whole life working just to get the red ticket,

The door in the face.

What are you gonna do now? What was all that wasted effort for?

Hating everyone you work with, hating what you do.

Nothing to show for all that effort.

Just a door in the face.

You invested sweat and blood,

Tears, and pain.

Nothing brought in, nothing gained.

Just a solid door in the face.

All that time, all those years.

Hiding behind wasted fears.

But you invested, you stayed,

Under-appreciated, underpaid.

Just to get that solid, oak, door in the face.

Was it worth it?

*By Aimee Wahl 2013


One thought on “Red Ticket

    T. D. Davis said:
    January 10, 2014 at 3:06 PM

    Yikes! Wouldn’t the answer have to be no?


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