Television Silliness

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I just got finished reading an article about the show, “2 Broke Girls” that is featured on CBS that discussed the nature of the show being raunchy and that it should be attended to by the FCC.  Now, this is my personal opinion of course, but how is it that of all the terrible television viewing this is the show that is getting the grief? Yes, it is for a mature audience but really if the show is that unbearable to watch, doesn’t your television have an “off” button? We as a national audience are the real censors of what belongs on T.V. and if you really want to do your part to get the type of shows on that are appropriate and entertaining, maybe you should quit watching the stuff that you don’t like and start watching the stuff you do. And, if you can’t find anything at all on that you like try finding something else to do. There are a BILLION things you can do that are entertaining, child-friendly and don’t involve a television screen. Oye Vey.

*This is the article that I referenced in my rant*


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