Ideas Given to Our Youth

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I just finished reading an article talking about a poster that was up at a middle school that happened to list out all kinds of ways that people express their sexual feelings. Now, both of my children are very young still, but I couldn’t help thinking of how completely grossed out I would be if my kids were seeing that everyday as they walked to class. People rant and rave about how bad magazines are with their skinny models and how bad T.V. is with it’s morally degenerative ideas and yet it is OK to introduce every possible method of intercourse to an 8th grader.  REALLY?!?! Now, many of you would say “They are gonna do it all anyway it’s better if they know” but I am one of those old-fashioned gals that thinks, LET THEM FIND OUT ON THEIR OWN!

I don’t mean find out the entire thing on their own of course, kids need to know what sex is but they don’t need to know the ten million ways to interact sexually before they are even out of diapers. (Yes, I am feeling a bit sarcastic….)  Intimate relationships are supposed to be new, exciting, and mysterious – but in today’s society there is nothing left to the imagination. We are taking away the true thrill to a relationship by over informing kids – many that haven’t even hit puberty yet.  I am no expert but to me, this just seems wrong.

Here is the link to the article I referenced!


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