Desensitizing the World

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As I was listening to some comedian on television last night I couldn’t help thinking about how we are all being completely desensitized to things that we should never ever take lightly. There are a million things in this category of course, but last night it was drugs that the comedian brought up – talking about how they got high right before the show. Now whether or not that was a joke is not the point.

The point is we are breeding the idea that we can laugh about recreational use of ILLEGAL drugs, that we can laugh about killing/murder, that we can laugh about discrimination/racism, that we can laugh about all kinds of things that are just horrible. Laughter is a coping mechanism and lightens our hearts and we can’t live without humor but I don’t see the point in making jokes of out of  such serious things.

We wonder about the escalation of negativity in society and mock people who would embrace a more conservative outlook, but is it really so wrong to want to evolve by embracing our values instead of degenerating into a mess of destruction and hatred? I know it seems extreme to think that some random person on television could be responsible for something like that, however, when it is the majority of people who are influencing all the decisions we make, I don’t really think it is so far-fetched.

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