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I have been catching up on watching “Bones” on Netflix recently and the episode I saw the other day ended with the killer admitting to the crime – as usual – but claiming that it was an accident, that she had pushed her friend when they were arguing and the friend ‘fell’ into the blades of doom.  At that point she had panicked and covered up her crime.

I found myself thinking about this scenario, and wondered what I would do should say, if someone would trip over my foot and fall down four flights of stairs and die. My sense of duty would win out I am pretty sure, it makes way more sense to me to just call the police and tell them there was an accident rather than go through all the trouble of covering up a crime – especially since I know I would just end up caught anyway and have to deal with being punished to the full extent of the law.

I sat and thought up all kinds of situations like that and in every single one it was just easier to let the police know, I guess for me I still feel the system would win out in the end and that they would believe my story.  What about for you? Should you find yourself in this situation would you cover it up or would you call the police? I am really curious to know how most people would handle something like that. -How realistic is the T.V. world of mystery?- LOL.


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