Winter Conditions

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Now let me start off by saying I LOVE Texas, it is a great place to live and I really enjoy being here. That being said, I am originally from Iowa – I was there for 20+ years, so I have real knowledge of what winter conditions really are.

So why does that matter you ask? Well, if any of you watch the weather channel you may know that right now Texas is experiencing a bit of cold, we have some icy rain coming down – kind of sleet like – just yucky.  I am staring out of my window right this minute looking at my neighbor across the street, poor guy, I don’t think he knows what cold is….he has literally spent 45 minutes with this tiny little scraper, trying to get every bit of ice off of his SUV. I’m not talking windows either, he has run that thing down the entire body of the vehicle and is literally picking it out of the treads of his tires.

Texans don’t know cold. The majority of the people who live here panic when the weather has a sudden drop in temperature – really.  I am just glad that I don’t have to drive in these conditions because I think the people out and about have NO CLUE how to operate in this weather! I just had to share!


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