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Seriously! My husband and I were watching a woman comedian the other day – her name slips my mind sorry, but she mentioned that she NEVER jogs. That if ANYONE would say “She went jogging and never came back” that that person MURDERED HER. We laughed and then I got to thinking about it….

Living on the outskirts of a bigger city there is no shortage of crime and craziness that is for sure. But watching the news recently there have been joggers murdered and disappearing. One was in a park and that killer was caught because he liked killing his first so much that he went back to the SAME spot to do it again. UGH. 

The most recent was a woman Leanne Bearden  who has gone missing from a ‘jog’.  Now, in a perfect world she would turn up just fine with some neat story of the week she went off the grid. But the majority of the time, once the 72 hour period is up – her ticket is most likely up as well.  So after seeing the news, and searching going on – I remembered what this comedian had said as a joke.

Her joke must be coming from someplace real.  And now I wonder if maybe someone should be looking at Leanne Bearden’s husband….of course it is in my nature to jump to the conclusion that the last to see the victim did the crime. Whether there is proof of a crime or not in this case I just think it couldn’t hurt to look around the family and see if there was anything shady going on.

With all that being said, the only thing I really take from all this disappearing and murder nonsense is that JOGGING is BAD. Buy a treadmill! OR instead of jogging by yourself, take a massive hulking guy with you – they tend to scare off the local murderers and whatnot….yeah…

This is latest article on Leanne Bearden that I have found


On the off chance that you may be out and about and you happen to see her, please call the authorities.


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