Zombie Disease!!

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That’s right! I just read an awesome – (actually sad) – article about this new thing going on in the vast Bee world. The article drew my attention because the title mentioned Zombie Bee’s and I am a zombie fan, so I had to check it out.  In actuality it is not really a Zombie Bee…sorry to spoil it for you but it is just a disease that appears to have been spreading over to the US that is killing bees.

When I saw the title though, I got this idea in my head of a movie about a super strain of Zombie Bee’s that wreaks havoc all over the world – turning people into zombies – it could be a zombie palooza! …. It would be a SyFy Thriller! LOL! And then after reading the actual article I kind of felt bad about turning a terrible sickness into a joke, but really? Whoever decided to name it a Zombie disease had to have had the same kind of thought. Maybe it is their way of attracting attention to this bee plight.

It worked! Now I want to know if they have come up with anyway of getting rid of this disease and helping the bees. Turns out there is a lot about the bee world that I don’t know! But this article gave me a start and now I am going to see what other exciting things turn up in the honey making business.

Reference article – http://www.foxnews.com/science/2014/01/29/vt-beekeepers-face-threat-zombie-bees/?intcmp=features


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