Month: February 2014

Five Fun Laws!

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Since it is Friday I wanted to throw out something a little fun to start off the weekend right! Here are five silly laws that states have.

1. In Washington State, a motorist with criminal intentions has to stop at the city limits and call the chief of police as he comes into town. So keep that in mind all you criminally leaning people and your wiley ways!

2. In Arizona, it is illegal to hunt for camels.  Turns out, the US Army used to experiment on them in the desert and when they gave it up they freed the remaining camels and placed them under protection.

3. In Florida – by accident of course- all computers and smart phones have been banned from internet cafes.  Let that be a lesson to pay attention when passing laws!

4. If you are committing murder in New Jersey it is illegal for you to wear a bullet-proof vest, so at least make it a fair fight when you are out killing folks!

And last but not least, I had to find one in good old Texas to finish off the list for today!

5. In Texas, it is illegal to sell your body organs such as eyes, kidneys, liver etc. You are allowed to ‘donate’ them but not for $$$ purposes!  So if you are needing to make a quick buck you need to search for another option!

Laws found at – Big Government. Small Brains. Dumb Laws.


A Man Woke Up in a Body Bag – Whoops!

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I am pretty sure that this falls under one of everyone’s top ten list of fears, waking up in a body bag – worse yet a coffin. Well in Lexington, Mississippi that is what happened to a man named Walter Williams. I cannot even begin to imagine how terrifying it would be to regain consciousness zipped into a bag that you can’t get out of.  Or what would have happened if no one had been there to get him out.

The story is unclear as to how the coroner came to be at the residence but I assume Walter Williams suffered from whatever made him appear dead, end result is the same. The coroner declares the time of death and prepares to have the body sent to the funeral home. After Walter gets to the funeral home the workers who are going to embalm him find that he is trying to get out of the bag.  This is over a span of 6 hours.  SIX HOURS to notice if someone is dead or alive.

The coroner is attributing this incident as a miracle – or that possibly the man’s pacemaker had shut down when time of death was announced but to me someone REALLY dropped the ball on this one. I can only hope that the person who is lucky enough to declare me dead many, many…..many, years from now will be correct, because if I wake up in a body bag chances are I will have a heart attack and die right there anyhow.

I really hope that this story has a happy ending and that this incident isn’t what results in Walter’s demise.  His family deserves a happy ending after such a dark twist.  But life isn’t movies, you never know what tomorrow will bring – it may bring riches and love, it may bring waking up in a body bag….toss of a coin!

*Referenced article – Man wakes up in body bag at funeral home



In a heartbreaking twist, Walter Williams has passed away. Given that that he was in hospice originally with congestive heart failure it is not a surprise to the family that his time left was short. His cause of death however has not yet been released. The best that doctors have been able to come up with is that the mix of his medicines may have caused him to look unresponsive a couple of weeks ago when he was pronounced dead.

May he rest peacefully.

My Thoughts on Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room in Schertz

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Last night me and the family decided to eat out for dinner – I only do groceries once a week and the pantry is looking quite empty, so we found this little restaurant Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room, that has just relocated in Schertx, Texas.  When we walked in the door, there were two guys playing guitar and singing – and their skills were pretty good so I liked it.

We were seated immediately even though the place was pretty full so I was really happy about that, I don’t like having to wait to sit – those of you with kids should understand my precise feelings on the waiting thing – as each second ticks by while you are out, there is a chance at any moment that the kids will be done.  And when kids are done – EVERYONE is done – or they suffer…..

Anyhow in less than five minutes the server had taken our order and the race was on.  When our drink orders came, the kids had ordered Sprite, they ended up with carbonated water – YUCK – which happens when the bib runs out.  It did take about five minutes for the waiter to come back after we realized that their drinks were not so good but when he came back he didn’t make us order them a different beverage, he offered to change the bib real quick and bring them out some fresh Sprite. And that only took about five minutes so the kids were OK with it.

Now here is the real bonus part of eating at this Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room. They offer TACO PIZZA.  Yep, that’s right.  For those of you in Texas you should understand how hard it is to find any pizza joint that makes taco pizza, and having been from Iowa where EVERY pizza place sells it we have been down and out about not finding it here.

Our orders came in a decent amount of time, about twenty minutes and we all really enjoyed the food, I would recommend taco pizza to the world, it is delicious! While we were eating and listening to the live music, I looked around the place. It is a very family friendly place, happy kids were all over.  The walls at Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room are all a neutral color – but that is because they ask military and teachers to sign as a way to show their appreciation for the hard work which I think is just brilliant!

ImageThe wait for the ticket to come was a little longer than I am used to waiting, but considering how great the service was overall I didn’t mind and I knew it was pretty busy so I can give the guy a break.  When we walked outside though, I was very impressed. Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room have an outdoor seating area that has actual torch-like decorations that were burning – it was very cool!

The only thing in the entire experience that I considered a complete and total drag was when we were walking to the car.  At the back corner of the restaurant there was an employee on his cell-phone, which is perfectly fine.  However, the volume and the language that he was ferociously relaying to the receiving end of that call was completely unnecessary considering there were small children around. Despite him, I would highly recommend this place to pizza lover’s.

I Just Need a Little Love!

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I Just Need a Little Love!

Thor (the Boston) just needs a little attention is 24/7 too much to ask? LOL!

Capital Kings – Born to Love

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Ran across this song this morning, first time that I have heard it – even though it has been out for a long time – and it is quite a brilliant piece of work. Hats off to the Capital Kings and their featured artist Britt Nicole in this artful music. Very mellow!

Physical Proof that the Bible Saves Update – It Was a Polar Bear Attack

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I am sure for those of you who follow my blog you are aware that I am a believer in Christ and the Bible.  Well I happened across this article this morning which gives proof that the Bible can save whether you are a Christian or not! Check it out!

Referenced article – Bible stops two bullets to save life of Ohio bus driver, police say

So, take this as a lesson in life – it is always handy to have a BIBLE around, even if you don’t want it for reading material it may just save your physical being.  It is really quite wonderful to see the Word actually involved in a miracle, this victim shouldn’t be alive today.  I am pretty constantly amazed by the close calls that people have, scary stuff there.

On a more serious note, this gang thing is really just terrible. It is very sad to see the youth of this generation running around feeling this drive that they have to prove something to be part of a dysfunctional, adopted family.  Can life really be so bad that the only way to get better is to kill someone for your chosen-family?  I can guarantee you that my friends (whom I would die for) would NEVER want me to violently kill an innocent person to join their ‘crew’.  You shouldn’t have to earn a place like that, it is just too bad that these kids don’t think they have another option, or don’t want another option.


My husband told me last night that he had heard about a Polar Bear Attack on the radio – so I had to google what a Polar Bear Attack even was, and then realized that this man whose life had been saved by a Bible, was a victim of this kind of attack. I ran across this article which gave better information on the story of his attack so I wanted to post an update on it to clarify the seriousness of this crime.

*Referenced article – RTA bus driver: Attack on me a ‘gang initiation’

Racism brings vomit to the back of my throat.  I am sure it does for many people out there.  No matter what we look like on the outside we should be CELEBRATED for it. We are all so lovely and yet people just can’t accept how great we all are and accept them the way they are.  They have to hate them.  I don’t understand it at all.

Anyhow as I was looking around for information on Polar Bear Attacks, I ran across some on this game Knockout that gangs are using as well to initiate or have ‘fun’.  It is sick. I must be old because when I was young Knockout was just a game you played with a basketball, no one got punched to death.  I wish there was a solution to all this hate going on in the world today – it is very heartbreaking.

Woman’s dog shot by Annoyed Neighbor

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How many of us find that when we move into a house that we get those annoying neighbors who don’t really care what kind of damage they cause us with their messy, destructive ways? I just moved into my current home in this past year and behind my yard are two of the loudest dogs on the planet, they are SO ANNOYING.  Anytime my dogs go out – the neighbor’s crazy dogs are burrowing, trying to get under the fence – in fact one DID get under before winter time and I was afraid to even walk out in the yard because he barks so aggressively.

Anyhow instead, I wandered around and put a note under the neighbors door (a NICE one) mentioning that the dogs needed to be confined a bit better and it turns out the owner was a new mom, and she said the dogs had been acting up after the baby’s birth so she wouldn’t recommend me trying to wrangle them if they did come in my yard. I also wouldn’t try to shoot it.  If those dogs come into my yard and the neighbor isn’t home, animal control is a single phone call away and they can handle those situations without killing dogs.

In Houston however, one neighbor was clearly annoyed by her neighbor’s dog constantly digging under the fence – let’s face it – just from the video of the dog owner’s yard you can tell the husky was a digger.  But just because an animal is annoying doesn’t give you the right to blast it when it gets into your yard.  There are just so many other resolutions to this problem and the shooter won’t even come out to share her side so it definitely seems shady.

I am pretty sure that most of us make cracks about how the next time that animal gets in my yard I’m gonna <insert any random mean thing you would JOKE about here> but it takes a special kind of anger and rage to actually go out and shoot a dog for getting into your yard.

*Referenced news story – Woman says neighbor killed puppy that crawled into yard