To Not Be An Olympian

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So this is one of those years that I can be glad that my childhood dreams of figure skating and going to the Olympics never came true. There has been absolutely NO positive advertising for all of the activity going on in Russia that would make anyone want to participate this year. I take my hat off to all those hard working athletes who have put in the time and effort to be awesome, who are now having to be awesome and cautionary in everything they do while in that crazy country.

I am a classic coward, so any threat at all and my flight instinct kicks in.  I cannot imagine how anyone can hold up under all the terrorism threats and not so great visiting conditions that everyone has to endure in this years Olympics. The latest article I read was about how people can put together an explosive in a toothpaste tube. I just cannot comprehend how anyone can put themselves at such great risk, even for a gold medal.

I just hope that given the risks that all of the athletes world wide are now having to take, that they will all remain safe and secure (even if being comfortable is out of the question) during all of the competitions that are now beginning.  My ultimate respect goes out to all of them!

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