Walmart Con-Artist

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It would take a whole lot of gall to stroll into a Walmart, act like a general manager and steal excessive amounts of money from the store, right in front of cameras.  Apparently this happened in Oklahoma recently and the kid got almost $30,000 between three different stores! Seriously, I have no clue how anyone could steal anything – as a kid I was one who got the whole friendly officer chat at school about how stealing ends in the electric chair and have since been absolutely terrified to even think about stealing.

So even basic grab’n’dash stealing is beyond my scope but the idea that someone can plan ahead, get a uniform and actually pose in a role to steal seems pretty out of this world nutso!  It is interesting though, that with all of the video footage and protocols that the managers have for keeping a balanced store (keeping track of every dime in and out) that this kid could do the same stunt at multiple places before anyone catches on. Makes me wonder how often they actually watch their own surveillance tapes and how well the stores communicate with each other.

I worked at a gas station for awhile several years ago and we watched our surveillance like hawks, and if anything fishy was going on in the slightest we got on the phone and started calling every station around just to give a heads up. This may just be one of those common courtesies that no longer exists among businesses anymore but for the different stores in the SAME business, it seems to me more would be in play communication-wise to make sure they are all on the same page as a corporate team.

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