Final Update on Leanne Bearden

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It is with a heavy heart that I say the announcement has come out that Leanne Bearden, 33 years old, committed suicide. The word came in as, “The preliminary autopsy results indicate asphyxiation by hanging with the opinion on manner of death, suicide,” according to Police Chief Donna O’Conner in her prepared statement.

This is one of those situations that has no true upside, but now her family can finally rest knowing that Leanne made a choice to end her life on her own, it was not something that was taken from her by an outside element. I only pray that now the family will have a chance to heal and mourn without the extra burdens that come with the publicity of this situation.

My heart breaks for anyone who feels that the only solution to the problems in their life is to end it.  There is no one that is better off being gone, we all have people who love us and need us and we are better together than we are without each other.  I have had my share of burdens but to me suicide is not something that can be considered a solution – living is the only solution. Pushing on and pushing forward – tomorrow has all of the potential in the world of being the day that life brings pure joy, and it is sad that anyone would want to miss out on that.


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