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Yesterday, I was a small part of my brother, Tyler’s history.  It is wonderful to be a part of someone’s life who has so much of a positive influence on those around him. In the past four years of his basketball career, Tyler has been a leader, a student, a player and the many other things that go along with being a young adult in our society today and I couldn’t be prouder to be able to call him my brother.

He had his Senior Recognition moment at his home game yesterday and what would a farewell be without fun photos? Image

Daddy and Nicolas got to enjoy a little popcorn while we had our cheering fun!


And we can’t leave out the leading ladies of this bloggers life – Me and my lovely Emileen!


We got to cry as the boys (men really) got to have their moment.


Notice how sneaky this crier (me) was in photo placement. Sorry but I can’t do these things without those Not So Pretty tears!Image

And on with the game! It was action packed as they all are and they kept the score close the whole time.Image

The band even came with party on the brain – the tuba section did a wonderful little dance for us!


Of course, no game is complete without our Roadrunner and his shenanigans!


And they finished with a bang, and a win! Although Tyler did not get to play on this special day – because of a bad back injury- it was wonderful to be able to watch the team he has been so close to play for a final round on his home court. I can only hope that his success as a student and athlete is a mere foreshadowing of his future career in life.  I love you Tyler Wood.

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