Latest Craigslist Crazy – Miranda Barbour

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I have been following a story that has recently come about about a woman Miranda Barbour who apparently lured a victim in with a Craigslist ad and stabbed him over twenty times.  I can’t believe after all of the publicity on the original Craigslist Killer that anyone could put themselves in a situation to allow themselves to be victimized through Craigslist.  It is not that difficult to meet potential sellers/buyers etc in a public setting to keep all parties safe.

That being said, this woman appears to be a complete lunatic. She claims to have killed over 22 people – and the investigators are hesitating to call her a serial killer because they haven’t found evidence of the other murders at this time.  Well to me, the fact that she makes the claim makes her one.

A sociopath like that should get the death penalty, in my opinion especially since she said that if she is let go she will certainly do it again. I wonder if she is only saying it so they will put her in the looney bin instead of putting her on trial though. Miranda Barbour’s lawyer also claims that she shouldn’t even be considered for the death penalty because she did not torture the stabbing victim.  Seriously?!?! I wonder if her lawyer would say the same thing if it was him she was stabbing REPEATEDLY.  I definitely consider that torture.

Don’t meet people on Craiglist list without ensuring that you are safe in the set up.  There are millions of crazies like Miranda Barbour out there just waiting for a chance to get you.


2 thoughts on “Latest Craigslist Crazy – Miranda Barbour

    directorb said:
    February 18, 2014 at 10:14 AM

    Truth, you can not be too careful. Good thoughts.


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