Nuts about Nuts!

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I just read an article that despite its seriousness made me giggle a bit. Apparently in California the newest item to take a Mafia-like stance on is the nut industry.  Nuts are selling at about $7.00 a pound, pretty hefty deal but now growers are finding their lives being threatened by people who want to steal their nuts and make a quick profit.

So my thoughts immediately run along the lines of “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for life” – These thieves may find themselves in a better situation if they take a nut and plant a tree! It is really not that hard to grow nuts! I just cannot believe anyone would feel it necessary to bully a farmer out of his crop. People will do anything to maintain a lazy lifestyle!

And knowing that these thieves are running willynilly about their California farms, maybe it is time for the farmers to get serious about protection.  Investing in a security system….taking the keys out of the trucks ignition…you know, crazy stuff like that – I mean, many of these guys are looking to make at least $300,000 for 21 tons of nuts – with that sort of income potential it might be worth forking out a little to take care of your investment.

I just can’t get over it…people stealing nuts….it’s bad enough that the squirrels do it! 🙂

Check out the article!

A new shell game: California’s nut industry brings crooks out of woodwork

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