San Antonio Animal Defense League

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I am an avid animal lover, one of those people who would show up on the show “Animal Hoarders” if my OCD didn’t balance out my irrational need to save every poor living creature in the world. So when I read an article about the expansion of San Antonio’s Animal Defense League I got very excited.

For several years now San Antonio has had a goal of ending animal euthanasia, but because of the vast amount of animals being tossed out on the streets, they just have not been able to shut down that option and it breaks my heart, especially when they post mass ads on Craigslist mentioning what time they are going to have to put each animal down during the week.  Yes, I am also a Craigslist stalker- in the sense that I love scrolling through and seeing what animals are be advertised everyday – not that I ‘stalk’ anyone through it or anything lol.

Anyhow the San Antonio Animal Defense league just got approved for a $2.2 million expansion, which should definitely put a dent in the stray animal crisis, while allowing people to adopt from a place that does not put any animal down.  Let me clarify, the Animal Defense League does not euthanize any animals that are brought in to them – but once they hit their maximum capacity they have to refuse to take them in. This leads more people to take their strays to the San Antonio Animal Care Services, who do put animals down.

So look for the new section of the ADL in San Antonio to be completed sometime next fall as long as all the work goes quickly and smoothly.  Yay for saving more animals!!!!

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