My Take on Dog Attacks…

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I read this story the other day and it broke my heart.  I can’t imagine losing a child this way and there is really no reason for anyone to go through this. It is a preventable situation and just so devastating that it happens at all.

UK: Six-day-old baby dies after family dog reportedly attacks her

So after feeling terrible for this poor child and her parents who are going to feel so guilty for the  rest of their lives I took a look at a couple of other horrible things that have happened this year so far because of dogs.

Dog Attack At Lakeside
Pancho Villa, Sylmar basset hound, accused of attacking postman twice; home’s mail delivery stopped
Temple toddler dies after dog attack 

The domestic dog is a subspecies of the gray wolf. This means that every single dog in the world has some aspect of wolf DNA/genetics running through them. No matter how friendly and adorable the dog is – they are part wolf.  With that in mind, wolves are known to attack people – primarily children, so this means that every dog in the world has the capacity in their genetics to behave the same way.  It is unusual, of course, for a wolf to go out of his way to target a child and maul them.

But being territorial by nature, they will attack if a lone kids happens to fall across its area. So when a child is brought home, into the environment of an animal directly related to a seriously territorial animal, does it not make sense that some extra caution should be taken to ensure that child’s safety?

Not only do we have the basic facts of dog behavior plastered all over the internet and printed in books but just watching the news people should know better than to leave children unattended with ANY breed of dogs.  They are unpredictable animals and it only takes one unattended moment for them to destroy lives.

That does not mean you cannot love dogs and embrace them being a part of your family–pack, but just like with your own children – if you know that there is a chance of a specific type of behavior – don’t put them in a situation that could cause something chaotic to happen.There is no possible reason that you cannot have your child attended to every single time the dog is around.  There is nothing wrong with being a cautious parent when it comes to the physical safety of your loved ones.

I am a huge dog lover myself but I can guarantee that I will not ever leave my children unattended with them (American Staff and Boston Terrier) even though they are just little dolls.  Just like I won’t let my children be in any precarious situation until they are old enough to defend themselves, at which point I can’t guarantee that I will let them go out on their own – I am a Mama Bear and those cubs are my most precious asset. That may create a complex for them, but at least they will be alive….and really what is life without therapy because of parents anyhow?? 🙂


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