Sochi and the Skiers/Snowboarders

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So, my very favorite part of the Olympics is always figure skating – there is an ice princess that lives in my heart that just comes out and cheers when I watch them, but I have to give some props to the skiers and snowboarders that I have seen this year.

I am an interactive viewer – I have a tendency to put myself (imaginatively) into the shoes of whatever I watch, so on the Mystery shows I am a detective, on the Mickey Mouse cartoons I am Daisy Duck etc….so I was watching some skiing last night and BRRR.

Just imagining that searing wind blasting my face as a I attempt to maneuver down a hill, on a specific pathway gives me the highest respect for those actually toughing out the elements to perform major athletic feats.  I have skied before, and I was adequate – not anything to write home about but I managed to not embarrass myself tooooo badly so I do have some idea of how the snow is underneath the skies, how the poles feel in my hands, how CRAZY cold it is.

But watching the athletes directing their ski’s so proficiently, and pushing so aggressively downwards really made me think about the difficulties that they endure to get to where they are. It is an insane amount of work and it only takes one small mistake to completely ruin their dreams, not only that but they are seriously endangering their lives to prove their phenomenal abilities.

So thank you athletes, you fantastic skiers/snowboarders that have risked your lives to show the world in Sochi, the wonderful skills that you have worked so hard to gain – I hope that you all get to spend the rest of your lives doing what you do best!


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