Another Prime Example of an Public Figure in Education

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I was just glancing around for any other related articles to the one about the Principal at Brackenridge High School and came across this one on a Superintendent (who had previously been a principal) who was drunk and belligerent and STILL drove off, knowing he would get a DUI. Are you kidding me?!!?

So after it was all said and done, he called all the people necessary to save his job so he could cover his mistake and because of his ‘remorse’ they are not recommending that he be fired. The excuse is that since he wasn’t on school time or effecting any kids then it shouldn’t be a public issue. I cannot believe that multiple people would take up for that kind of behavior. It is so disappointing.

The prime example that comes to mind here is when President Bill Clinton got called out on his indiscretion, that got him into major trouble.  He was a public figure and even though the situation was VERY private, as a public figure he had to be held responsible for his actions. Now I know he got in trouble for the lie not the indiscretion but at the same time look at the number of people he let down, that changed their view of him as a person because of his actions.

As a public figure, whether it is right or not, your life is under a public microscope and you are ALWAYS setting the example for others. So what this superintendent is teaching his children is, you can go out – get drunk- cause a scene – get a DUI – and STILL be looked at as an example setter for youth today as long as you quickly call everyone you know who can fire you and apologize.  I just don’t get it. There are plenty of educators out there that work their tushes off to set a TRUE example for children that deserve his job more than he does.

*All of this is my mere opinion, I know that others feel differently and that is the beauty of humanity – we all get to view things from a different perspective.*

Article Referenced – Schaumburg District 54 superintendent charged with DUI


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