San Antonio Teens Attempt to Break Into a Vehicle and Get Shot At

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I just read an interesting article that about a couple of teenagers who evidently were trying to break into a guys car in San Antonio on Tuesday. The victim/shooter saw what they were doing and ran outside. When these two teenagers saw the man they ran off and got into their own car. Now, I don’t really know all the specifics but it all summed up to this guy ends up shooting at the two as they peeled out of the neighborhood.

The bullets did hit the car and the man involved in the incident says that he was aiming for the car, not the kids but I wonder why it is that the first instinct this person had was to run for a gun? Is it so dangerous in this city that you now have actually run after potential thieves armed to be safe? The kids never posed a physical threat and I am by no means shorting the seriousness of their own plight but was the gun REALLY necessary in this situation?

We all have different reactions when things like this come up, that adrenaline gets pumping and we stop thinking logically – I myself am a fighter, when I worked in retail if people tried stealing I would literally chase them down to get my merchandise back so I know when under pressure I will push back hard – but I also know that I wouldn’t go for a gun automatically.  This may someday get me murdered – yeah, yeah- but still I like to think that not every single person in the world doing stupid things is armed and wants to kill me.

In a situation where you see two teenagers breaking into a car wouldn’t it be more logical to get the license plate of the vehicle the alleged car thieves are driving? Or call the police? Or grab a bat instead? Even a brick can bust a window if you throw it hard enough….I just don’t really think that using a gun is justifiable this time around.

Don’t misunderstand though, I am PRO-GUN.  I feel that everyone capable of logical though processes and the desire to protect their family from potential physical harm, should most definitely own one. But I think that gun-owners need to use rational thinking before jumping to the most deadly weapon choice.

*Referenced article – San Antonio homeowner opens fire on two teens during car theft attempt


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