Physical Proof that the Bible Saves Update – It Was a Polar Bear Attack

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I am sure for those of you who follow my blog you are aware that I am a believer in Christ and the Bible.  Well I happened across this article this morning which gives proof that the Bible can save whether you are a Christian or not! Check it out!

Referenced article – Bible stops two bullets to save life of Ohio bus driver, police say

So, take this as a lesson in life – it is always handy to have a BIBLE around, even if you don’t want it for reading material it may just save your physical being.  It is really quite wonderful to see the Word actually involved in a miracle, this victim shouldn’t be alive today.  I am pretty constantly amazed by the close calls that people have, scary stuff there.

On a more serious note, this gang thing is really just terrible. It is very sad to see the youth of this generation running around feeling this drive that they have to prove something to be part of a dysfunctional, adopted family.  Can life really be so bad that the only way to get better is to kill someone for your chosen-family?  I can guarantee you that my friends (whom I would die for) would NEVER want me to violently kill an innocent person to join their ‘crew’.  You shouldn’t have to earn a place like that, it is just too bad that these kids don’t think they have another option, or don’t want another option.


My husband told me last night that he had heard about a Polar Bear Attack on the radio – so I had to google what a Polar Bear Attack even was, and then realized that this man whose life had been saved by a Bible, was a victim of this kind of attack. I ran across this article which gave better information on the story of his attack so I wanted to post an update on it to clarify the seriousness of this crime.

*Referenced article – RTA bus driver: Attack on me a ‘gang initiation’

Racism brings vomit to the back of my throat.  I am sure it does for many people out there.  No matter what we look like on the outside we should be CELEBRATED for it. We are all so lovely and yet people just can’t accept how great we all are and accept them the way they are.  They have to hate them.  I don’t understand it at all.

Anyhow as I was looking around for information on Polar Bear Attacks, I ran across some on this game Knockout that gangs are using as well to initiate or have ‘fun’.  It is sick. I must be old because when I was young Knockout was just a game you played with a basketball, no one got punched to death.  I wish there was a solution to all this hate going on in the world today – it is very heartbreaking.


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