Woman’s dog shot by Annoyed Neighbor

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How many of us find that when we move into a house that we get those annoying neighbors who don’t really care what kind of damage they cause us with their messy, destructive ways? I just moved into my current home in this past year and behind my yard are two of the loudest dogs on the planet, they are SO ANNOYING.  Anytime my dogs go out – the neighbor’s crazy dogs are burrowing, trying to get under the fence – in fact one DID get under before winter time and I was afraid to even walk out in the yard because he barks so aggressively.

Anyhow instead, I wandered around and put a note under the neighbors door (a NICE one) mentioning that the dogs needed to be confined a bit better and it turns out the owner was a new mom, and she said the dogs had been acting up after the baby’s birth so she wouldn’t recommend me trying to wrangle them if they did come in my yard. I also wouldn’t try to shoot it.  If those dogs come into my yard and the neighbor isn’t home, animal control is a single phone call away and they can handle those situations without killing dogs.

In Houston however, one neighbor was clearly annoyed by her neighbor’s dog constantly digging under the fence – let’s face it – just from the video of the dog owner’s yard you can tell the husky was a digger.  But just because an animal is annoying doesn’t give you the right to blast it when it gets into your yard.  There are just so many other resolutions to this problem and the shooter won’t even come out to share her side so it definitely seems shady.

I am pretty sure that most of us make cracks about how the next time that animal gets in my yard I’m gonna <insert any random mean thing you would JOKE about here> but it takes a special kind of anger and rage to actually go out and shoot a dog for getting into your yard.

*Referenced news story – Woman says neighbor killed puppy that crawled into yard


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