A Man Woke Up in a Body Bag – Whoops!

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I am pretty sure that this falls under one of everyone’s top ten list of fears, waking up in a body bag – worse yet a coffin. Well in Lexington, Mississippi that is what happened to a man named Walter Williams. I cannot even begin to imagine how terrifying it would be to regain consciousness zipped into a bag that you can’t get out of.  Or what would have happened if no one had been there to get him out.

The story is unclear as to how the coroner came to be at the residence but I assume Walter Williams suffered from whatever made him appear dead, end result is the same. The coroner declares the time of death and prepares to have the body sent to the funeral home. After Walter gets to the funeral home the workers who are going to embalm him find that he is trying to get out of the bag.  This is over a span of 6 hours.  SIX HOURS to notice if someone is dead or alive.

The coroner is attributing this incident as a miracle – or that possibly the man’s pacemaker had shut down when time of death was announced but to me someone REALLY dropped the ball on this one. I can only hope that the person who is lucky enough to declare me dead many, many…..many, years from now will be correct, because if I wake up in a body bag chances are I will have a heart attack and die right there anyhow.

I really hope that this story has a happy ending and that this incident isn’t what results in Walter’s demise.  His family deserves a happy ending after such a dark twist.  But life isn’t movies, you never know what tomorrow will bring – it may bring riches and love, it may bring waking up in a body bag….toss of a coin!

*Referenced article – Man wakes up in body bag at funeral home



In a heartbreaking twist, Walter Williams has passed away. Given that that he was in hospice originally with congestive heart failure it is not a surprise to the family that his time left was short. His cause of death however has not yet been released. The best that doctors have been able to come up with is that the mix of his medicines may have caused him to look unresponsive a couple of weeks ago when he was pronounced dead.

May he rest peacefully.


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