My Thoughts on Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room in Schertz

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Last night me and the family decided to eat out for dinner – I only do groceries once a week and the pantry is looking quite empty, so we found this little restaurant Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room, that has just relocated in Schertx, Texas.  When we walked in the door, there were two guys playing guitar and singing – and their skills were pretty good so I liked it.

We were seated immediately even though the place was pretty full so I was really happy about that, I don’t like having to wait to sit – those of you with kids should understand my precise feelings on the waiting thing – as each second ticks by while you are out, there is a chance at any moment that the kids will be done.  And when kids are done – EVERYONE is done – or they suffer…..

Anyhow in less than five minutes the server had taken our order and the race was on.  When our drink orders came, the kids had ordered Sprite, they ended up with carbonated water – YUCK – which happens when the bib runs out.  It did take about five minutes for the waiter to come back after we realized that their drinks were not so good but when he came back he didn’t make us order them a different beverage, he offered to change the bib real quick and bring them out some fresh Sprite. And that only took about five minutes so the kids were OK with it.

Now here is the real bonus part of eating at this Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room. They offer TACO PIZZA.  Yep, that’s right.  For those of you in Texas you should understand how hard it is to find any pizza joint that makes taco pizza, and having been from Iowa where EVERY pizza place sells it we have been down and out about not finding it here.

Our orders came in a decent amount of time, about twenty minutes and we all really enjoyed the food, I would recommend taco pizza to the world, it is delicious! While we were eating and listening to the live music, I looked around the place. It is a very family friendly place, happy kids were all over.  The walls at Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room are all a neutral color – but that is because they ask military and teachers to sign as a way to show their appreciation for the hard work which I think is just brilliant!

ImageThe wait for the ticket to come was a little longer than I am used to waiting, but considering how great the service was overall I didn’t mind and I knew it was pretty busy so I can give the guy a break.  When we walked outside though, I was very impressed. Fox’s Pizza and Tap Room have an outdoor seating area that has actual torch-like decorations that were burning – it was very cool!

The only thing in the entire experience that I considered a complete and total drag was when we were walking to the car.  At the back corner of the restaurant there was an employee on his cell-phone, which is perfectly fine.  However, the volume and the language that he was ferociously relaying to the receiving end of that call was completely unnecessary considering there were small children around. Despite him, I would highly recommend this place to pizza lover’s.


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