Not-So-Brilliant Criminals……

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In San Antonio, Texas – yep where I live – 20 year old Alejandro Garcia was just arrested for breaking into dozens of storage units and stealing.  He and a pal got a brilliant idea in their heads that they could just go out and steal from the storage lockers that people rent, and not get caught…..maybe I am just crazy but I was under the impression that the majority of storage facilities have security, if not actual people monitoring – at least video cameras that can be reviewed daily to deter theft.

In this case, they got him on camera, and the vehicle he was using to transport the goods.  This guy needs a little more training in the ‘criminal’ career field if he actually wants to profit from it.  I got a laugh out of it – I like to see the criminals doing dumb crimes getting caught and not having innocent people come to harm. Those are very entertaining.

Of course now I am wondering if he will turn his buddy in so they can get in trouble together, or is he going to zip his lips and make the police figure it out on their own? – Random side thought – he isn’t even old enough to legally drink and he gets to visit jail….now I am laughing again….

Referenced article – Suspect arrested after dozens of north-side storage units vandalized


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