Veteran Gets Attention – Beautiful!

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This video of a veteran dressed out just warms my heart.  It is videos like this that makes me proud to be an American and happy to know that there are people out there just like me that feel that our Veterans should be honored at every opportunity. The people in this video were actually running a race – and going out of their way to shake this wonderful Vets hand.  What a wonderful thing! I love it and I recommend that everyone watch it!

VIRAL VIDEO: San Jose runners pay tribute to WWII vet

I can only hope that my family as they grow up learn to show the respect for our Veteran’s that these wonderful folks have shown him. Our Veterans have done such great things for our country and whether we all agree with the military methods of this country or not – we would not have the opportunities to form our own opinions about it if not for the men and women who gave up so much to give us that chance.


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