IHOP Was a Bust – Denny’s Was Well Something Else

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I am very sad to say that IHOP was a total bust last night. After being excited for pancakes all day long me and the family got to IHOP and every single teenager in the city was waiting to sit down.  On a weekend night that would be fine but during the week I don’t like the kids having to be up past bedtime just to eat dinner.

After finding out about the astronomical wait we decided, grudgingly, that we would go to Denny’s instead. Normally we avoid Denny’s like the plague but we figured it should be completely deserted since everyone in the city was having some IHOP pancakes. Well, it was semi-busy when we got there but we got to sit right away so that appeased my little, antsy children.

I would have rather gone to IHOP – Next time…next time.

After about ten minutes of sitting, the person who seated us, Danny, also came and got our drink order….and then went back to seating people.  It started to get pretty busy about this time, the tables in the joint were filling up pretty quickly.  So another ten minutes rolls by and Danny brought us our drinks and took our order.

Twenty minutes rolls by, no food…but Danny is rolling on all four cylinders – greeting, seating, getting drinks, bringing food out to people who had been there before we showed up, about this time I saw a couple random waiters/waitresses wander through the place and then back to the kitchen which I can only assume was a black vortex of doom because I rarely saw anyone come out of there after they went in.

Another fifteen minutes and there it was finally! FOOD!!! We were hungry, Emileen had been letting the entire place know it too. She doesn’t scream or anything she just has a loud voice (like her mom) so she kept repeating every couple minutes “I’m hungrrrry”. I don’t really blame her.

So the food.

Well it was mediocre at best. The pancakes were rubber…you know, the material that tires are made out of? Yeah. Rubber is not a good texture for pancakes.  The hashbrowns I got tasted like potato mush.  Maybe I was just feeling irritated that I wasn’t getting my IHOP pancakes, or that I had to wait 35 minutes for rubber and mush, but this was NOT a pleasant dining experience.

So for our finale and entertainment I suppose, as we finished eating what should happen but a lovely round of screaming from the cooks in the kitchen at each other.  Apparently they were not getting along, which wouldn’t surprise me since there had to be at least ten people back there – most of which probably were avoiding any real work at all.

So for anyone considering the Denny’s off of Topperwein in San Antonio, I would look elsewhere.  They do NOT have their business under control. The only person in that place that had any semblance of professionalism was Danny – our greeter, waiter, and cashier.  Ten points to Danny for a job well done.

The moral of this review is – next time wait the extra 30 minutes for IHOP. Yep.


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