Woman Drove Her Kids into the Beach – Suicide-Murder Attempt

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I just read this article about a Mother, who was pregnant, that drove her three other children and herself into the beach in an attempt to kill them all. There is no way for me to see any justification in an action this dramatic and if there was ever a type of person that I lacked the capability to forgive – it would be people who want to kill children. For ANY reason. Children do not deserve to suffer for what adults have brought onto themselves.

This sick type of situation really makes my heart physically hurt for those poor kids who are stuck living with the knowledge that their own mother, the woman who BIRTHED them after months of carrying them inside of her, wanted them DEAD.  Some would say that I am being callous, that she may be emotionally broken blah, blah, blah. I don’t care.

I lost my first child at 8 months of pregnancy. One day she was there, the next day she was gone. I didn’t know if I would ever even be able to have a family after I lost Elizabeth. I was broken. Technically I still am. I am certain that losing her is what took away my ability to feel compassion for women who freak out over being pregnant, who get depressed after having babies, who try to KILL their children because they can’t get their *hit together.

Let me clarify, I do know that there are emotions after having a child. I am very aware of how difficult getting up every two hours a night for five months straight can be. I KNOW that babies are hard, kids are hard, but LIFE IS HARD. You don’t go out and dump your baby in a dumpster. You don’t get into a car because you can’t handle life anymore and try to murder the people who love you the most in this world. When you are feeling rage, depression, the millions of emotions that you feel you cannot handle on your own – you GET HELP. YOU GET HELP.

I am just so glad that these kids were saved. I can only hope that they are given the opportunity to heal from the situation and not end up hating their sick, pathetic mother.

Referenced article –

Three Children Pulled to Safety After Woman Drives Van Into Ocean


Here is an article giving the events leading up to this woman’s attempt to kill herself and her family. Despite my negative feelings toward the entire situation, I feel quite terrible for those who think they could have prevented it. If she didn’t reach out for the help offered then I don’t think there is anyone to blame but herself – and if she gets her rational state of thought back, I think that she will be carrying a burden of guilt that no one wants, or deserves for the rest of her life.  I am just so glad that they all made it out alive.

Latest Article –  Incident where mother who drove minivan full of kids into ocean could have been avoided


The woman, Ebony Wilkerson – has been arrested and charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder, and also three counts of aggravated child abuse. The husband has not commented on the situation as of yet but  I will update if and when I see anything related to his actions in regard to this traumatic experience.

Referenced article – Attempted murder charges for mom who drove van with kids into ocean


4 thoughts on “Woman Drove Her Kids into the Beach – Suicide-Murder Attempt

    aimster813 responded:
    March 6, 2014 at 8:01 AM

    I am very glad that you did show another side to the story – most of what I write is very one-sided (whatever my crazy opinion is at the time! lol!) but I think that it is important that everyone is able to share their thoughts/views because I am NOT usually right, and I like enlightenment! 🙂


    theeditorsjournal said:
    March 6, 2014 at 2:27 AM

    Sorry first to hear of your loss and of course that might colour your opinion, why wouldn’t it? But the thing about the brain is that it is different for all of us. YOUR brain is not HER brain.
    Would you expect a person high on drugs to make great decisions? Because if she IS / WAS severely depressed she could have no more control than a person high as a kite. Would you give a stoner kids to look after?
    As a depressive I speak from experience. It is not a choice and brain scans have shown that the way the brain changes with severe depression is similar to altering the brain with alcohol or drugs – only you did not CHOOSE to do it. And despite what you said, logical thinking to simply go and ‘get help’ at the core of a depressive episode is not an option. If she is talking demons I wouldn’t have thought that this is exhibiting ‘normal’ behaviour – or even specific hatred for her kids. Almost certainly she has ‘lost it.’

    Having said that, the woman herself is still being mentally assessed, but certainly with my background, when I hear these stories I am attuned to the possibilities other than she simply must be a bitch as strongly as you are solely (and rightly) attuned to the side of the child because of your experience.

    The other interesting thing you mentioned was that she included herself in the attempt which shows some possibility that it was not a wheeze to ease the strains of motherhood by offloading her children.
    Depression is not rage, it is not an assessment of how hard life or bringing up children is, although these things can make it worse. Depression is a chemical change of the brain pattern under which, at it’s most severe one can have little control over one’s illogical decisions made at the time.

    You may have likely suffered depression at the loss of your baby, but again, YOUR depression and HER depression are not the same. YOUR coping mechanism and support team are not HERS.
    Just opening up other avenues of possibility. What say you Aimee? Have I helped you understand the still very mis-understood depression or not? Could you sympathize with someone who – through no fault of their own – has lost control of logical thinking, if indeed this was the case, or perhaps in some other case, or not?


      aimster813 responded:
      March 6, 2014 at 7:18 AM

      I very much appreciate your insightful feedback and although logically speaking you are 100% correct – I still cannot change my opinion it. I have a strong tendency to make my judgments based on how my heart feels about it – and I just can’t get past the whole idea that anyone could ever want to inflict pain on a child. If she was incapable of controlling her actions then she should have been monitored and the blame would go to whomever let her in the van in the first place – but I will never say it is OK that someone tried to murder their kids, and my heart will never understand it.


        theeditorsjournal said:
        March 6, 2014 at 7:45 AM

        No no it’s never okay! Just wanted to put another side of it to you.

        Logically I understand how you feel – but profoundly inside I don’t because I have never lost a child so I wouldn’t presume to question your reaction. But at least I get where you are coming from in thinking with your heart.


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