Texas Man Allegedly Burned a Kid to Death When He was Young

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So this article brought up some questions in my mind. Apparently this guy from Texas, Don Willburn Collins, has been accused of a murder that was put into play when he was a child (13 years old).  The prosecutors are saying that he doused Robert Middleton in gasoline on Robert’s 8th birthday and lit him on fire.

Authorities are saying that because Robert Middleton got skin cancer from the burns and died in 2011, that Collins should be tried for murder.  I don’t know anything about the laws in regards to this type of situation but I kind of think that the whole thing is CRAZY.

What are the odds first of all that a person you light on fire, after dumping gas all-over them survives for that long in the first place?!?! Should he not have been tried at that point for attempted 1st degree murder, or whatever they charge 13 year old’s for? And after all this time, what will it really serve but to cause a family that should be working through the tragedy in their own way more pain and suffering having to dredge through the whole terrible scenario again?

This is one of those times that I am glad I am not an ‘authority’ or any person who has to make a call.  I cannot imagine how difficult it would be to have to determine if this Collins should be punished or not for something that was done when he was a kid. I think he should most definitely have been locked up at the time it happened and be placed on some kind of psychiatric care, because sane people don’t light others on fire.

A complete lose – lose situation if I ever saw one.  What a tragedy.

Referenced Article – Judge deciding if southern Texas man can be tried as an adult for murder for childhood crime

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