Regulators cite Harrah’s act for animal abuses – SMH

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So Dirk Arthur has a Wild Magic show that was featured in Nevada in December and he got cited for declawing lions and tigers, keeping a snow leopard in a rusty cage, and for chaining a bobcat up in unsafe manner. On top of those charges he was also keeping the animals in cages that were too small.

So now that they have been cited for these terrible living conditions for the animals their spokesperson said that the company is ‘taking the matter seriously’. I would like to know why the matter wasn’t taken seriously to begin with?

I can understand an average person not knowing that large cats should not be declawed, or that there is a basic standard of living required for the animals to remain healthy, but for a professional – or so called professional person to not know these things is outrageous.

I want to know how exactly they plan to address the issue that they ripped out the claws of these wild creatures? That is damage that cannot be undone. How about the years that they spent completely cooped up in crappy conditions? They don’t get those years back. How about the pain endured from being chained up in dangerous way?

I think that these people should be held responsible, they should lose the animals and be required to find another livelihood. If someone came to my house and saw my animals confined in a box, or chained up in an abhorrent manner you can bet they would take them away and I wouldn’t get to have them back.

Professionals should be held to the same standard. They are supposed to set an example for the animal lovers in this world. The article that I read – and will reference goes on to give out information on how you can go see the shows! Yeah, because that’s just what I want to do after reading about how terrible the animals are treated…give them money….right.

Referenced article – Regulators cite Harrah’s act for animal abuses


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