A Moment in the Life of My Marriage

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I have been married for a long time now – by current standards anyhow – this will be 9 years, but together for 11 and we are happy. I love being married, and I reallllly love being married to this man.  There is a requirement in the bible about how you should be as husband and wife, and we fit some of the key points, but other points are well – irregular – but it hasn’t caused any true bumps or anything like that, and I am pretty sure most successful marriages have the same types of issues.

Today I want to touch on how ridiculously non-controversial yet extremely controversial my husband is.  He works for the city of San Antonio, and is well – liked by pretty much everyone on the planet. He has this laid-back demeanor that makes you want to know him better and this great smile that just makes you feel great.  Until I open my mouth. Errrrr!

For some reason, every time I formulate an opinion on anything – seriously, ANYTHING – something triggers in his brain that forces him to point out all of the opposite views of my own – even if he AGREES with my view! For example if I say “Gee, I just adore cats.” (He likes cats too as a heads-up) His comment would be “Ugh, cat litter smells sooo bad, and cats scratch everything up!”

Ten minutes later I can walk back into the room with “I cannot STAND cats!” and he will be like, “They are so cute and fluffy though!”.

What is up with that? Am I the only one that this phenomenon of crazy happens to? He doesn’t even realize half the time that he is doing it!

And if I tell him that he disagrees with everything I say? He will say….da da daaaa…”I do not!”

Now, even though it annoys me – I can argue with the best of them. I am, you know, a woman after all. And I do. Every single time he wants to take the opposite view of my own I will completely fall into it – I just can’t help it! I am VERY controversial so it is really easy to trigger that crazy in me!

Anyhow I only brought it up because this morning I said “I am starving!” and he said, “You just had cereal.”



2 thoughts on “A Moment in the Life of My Marriage

    brett rossi said:
    March 12, 2014 at 4:41 AM

    Is it ok if I tweet about this blog post?


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