Missing Malaysia Plane – Still Not Found

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As many of you, any of you who watch the news, know, an airplane disappeared yesterday with 239 passengers from all over the world.  It was a Boeing 777, and they have not been able to locate it yet. There were rumors of oils slicks that should have pointed in the direction that the plane went down but so far no word on a sighting of it.

My heart goes out to all of the families who are missing their loved ones right now, I cannot imagine what any of you are going through, and I wouldn’t want to. I just hope that the plane is found soon and hope for the best possible outcome.

This disappearance gave me a “Lost” moment – the series – and now I wonder why it is that the plane has not been located yet. Isn’t there a black box that is supposed to be like an airplane gps? I don’t know much about airplanes or anything, I just thought for some reason that they were set up in such a way as to be easy to find on the rare occasion that they go down.

1st UPDATE:  Here is the link to a site that is following the disappearance of this flight as each new piece of information has come in. At this time it is too dark to confirm but there has been a sighting of what could potentially be part of the plane.

Malaysia Airlines: object found by Vietnam navy thought to be part of missing plane – live

2nd UPDATE: The debris that was found they thought was a life jacket because it was bright orange, on closer investigation during the daytime however, it was just orange cording so that was a false alarm. The search for the missing plane is still continuing, at this point I think they need to give up on the search around the oil slicks they saw and move back over the actual flight path, most reports say that the plane had turned around – they may have better luck searching back down the path.  It is just crazy that an entire plane can be gone in a poof.

The oil slick said to be a possible link to the plane has been proven only to be  fuel oil typically used in cargo ships, according to Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, director general of the Malaysian Civil Aviation Department.  So at this point they don’t have any real idea where the search should be going on at aside from the exact point that the plane disappeared from the radar.

Referenced article – ‘We have to find the aircraft’: Days later, no sign of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

3rd UPDATE: It has been several days and still no sign of the aircraft. Everyone at this point seems to be jumping to random conclusion especially after finding out that at least two passengers on the aircraft had fake passports. I think that it is too early to say that the plane was hijacked or anything of that nature. I prefer to have some kind of substantial proof before jumping to mankind’s evil disposition.

It seems at this point that the people searching for the plane are back tracking on the chance that the plane may have U turned and gone back to the coast. Hopefully this change in their search path will turn up news that the families of the passengers are so desperately waiting for. Bad or good at this point any news is better then none.

*Latest article – Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 search widens; men carrying stolen passports ID’d as young Iranians


The latest news in the ongoing seach for the missing Boeing 777  is that there is a chance that it flew completely out of the way off course, for no apparent reason. They are searching a completely different area now to see if there is any trace of the plane.  Again, as more information develops  I will continue to update this posting.

*Latest article – Malaysia’s military investigating reports that missing plane changed course, made it to country’s west coast


The news is still bleak on the missing plane front. They have no found the plane and have no idea where they should be looking for it, if the plane actually landed or if it crashed at this point any theory is in question.

India has joined in on the search efforts as well now – hopefully they will be able to find the plane soon – I cannot imagine the stress that the passengers families are going through right now.

Latest article – Officials deny report that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 kept flying for hours


They have found some debris off the coast of Australia in the Indian Ocean that is sizable enough that it could possibly be from the missing plane. They are currently investigating that area more thoroughly now.  It would be nice to finally have some kind of closure on the missing plane, give the families of the passengers some peace.

Latest article – Possible Malaysian plane debris spotted in Indian Ocean off Australia


Authorities are now saying that the flight – although unconfirmed with proof- ended with all passengers deceased in the ocean by Perth.  In my opinion this developing story has changed so frequently over the past three weeks that I don’t really believe anything anyone is saying.  Things are conveniently starting to line up now – but I am inclined to think that this is because the groups searching no longer have the $$$ to keep going on a search that they feel ended in the ocean anyway. But that is just my opinion of course.



According to the Chicago Tribune searchers are feeling positive that they may have finally located the black box almost 3 miles deep just north of Perth where the plane most likely went down. Though there is not currently proof, there have been pings from that area so they are going to attempt to get confirmation as soon as they can. Sooner the better as the battery on the plane’s black box won’t last much longer.


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