Resurrection – The New T.V. Show

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I am watching the new show on ABC – Resurrection – and it really has me thinking. I cannot imagine what I would do if the people I have lost just showed up one day – not aged a day or anything at all. I have so many different things that I would want to say, so many things that I would want to know.

I think this sets a great precedent for entertaining television, with endless possibilities as far as where the plot could go. I am definitely going to take the time to watch and see where it is going. Not only that but there are a lot of actors that I really enjoy on this show so at least I will be entertained by them.

I am lucky, I haven’t really lost a lot of people in my life at this point, most were older and the outcome was inevitable but there are a few that were sudden and completely heart-breaking. To have an opportunity to give them a real goodbye, real closure would just be great. Bah, what if’s get me no-where, this show just had me going on about it!


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