It’s All About Protection!

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I was entertained by the latest and greatest in news this morning, a school in Boston had to replace their supply of free condoms for students because people did not like the catchy phrases on the wrappers.  They said things like “Tasty One”, and “One Busy Beaver”  etc….

Look, if you are having sex does it really matter what the wrapper says? I don’t really think so, the labels on cigarette packages don’t stop pregnant women from smoking so why should a silly phrase on a wrapper cause sexual distress?

I think we should put serious phrases on there like “Don’t get played, he has AIDS” or “Busy Bees get HIV” – bet people would think twice about having sex then? Most likely not – but I still think it would be as funny as the ones that promote sex as a joking matter.

When it comes to sex the only time the wrapper gets any real interest is when it is coming off so it shouldn’t matter what they say, kids are going to do what they do either way. I think that the important part of the whole thing is that the school is providing free protection for the students so there can be less worry about teen pregnancy. Does that mean the school doesn’t teach abstinence? Don’t have sex, but if you do – here’s a condom?  Not really sure where I stand on that whole deal – I’ll let you know when my kids hit puberty….:)

Referenced article – Boston Public Schools pull out free condoms after complaints about racy wrappers


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