Self-Defense Class – Who Needs It Anyway??

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My husband informed me the other day that maybe I should consider taking some self-defense classes because I am pretty small and am at a complete disadvantage when it comes to being attacked. I laughed and told him my four step method is way more reliable than paying an insane amount for training that I would most likely forget the second I get attacked!

Step 1: I always, always have my keys in my hand so if someone comes at me my first move- no matter what direction they come from is to stab whatever body part touches in my range first as hard as possible.

Step 2: If they are close enough to grab me they are close enough to bite. And I have no qualms about biting aggressively on the softest parts I can find!

Step 3: While stabbing and biting, I will also be kicking – and I am very flexible – so any point of contact works for me.

Step 4: If all else fails and they have a gun/knife – go for it! They are probably going to kill me anyway so I would at least do everything in my power to get the weapon and stab/shoot back before the end comes!

All joking aside – self-defense is a very important tool and a great investment. The odds of surviving a potential attack are a lot slimmer if you are not physically/mentally prepared for it. So for those of you who have never taken a self-defense course of any kind – whether you are as confident in your own skills as I am or not – TAKE A CLASS. Knowledge is power and self-defense can save your life and let’s face it, the chance to save your own life is worth any monetary investment that you can afford.


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