Tractor-Trailer Crushes Man

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Last night in Converse, about 10 minutes from where I live, a tractor-trailer stopped at a traffic light and a man jumped off the truck, but not out of the way before the truck went on – crushing him to death. Apparently the man had jumped onto the 18 wheeler in Laredo and hitched a ride unbeknownst to the driver all the way to the stopping point in Converse where his life was ended tragically.

This terrible accident reminds me of the horror stories where the guy with the claw ends up in the back seat of the victim’s car. You definitely don’t expect to see things like this happen in the real world. I just cannot imagine what was going through the victim’s head that made him jump off the truck at that point – and if the light was red – why did he wait so long before getting off? It just seems like a completely preventable situation and now he has paid the ultimate price for his poor decision-making.

And the poor driver! Can you imagine how awful it would be to realize that you just crushed someone underneath your vehicle? There was no way for him to know that this guy had been on his truck, but still to have to live with that kind of burden, I cannot even begin to fathom.

The man has not yet been identified to news sources but when his name is released I will update on this post.


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