UT Student Gives Marrow Instead of Partying His Spring Break Away

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A UT student, Ford Yates, signed up last year to be a bone marrow donor at a drive.  Over the holiday season he was contacted about a 63 year old gentleman diagnosed with leukemia that needed a transplant, and Yates was a match for him.

So instead of spending his Spring Break doing what most 19 year old young-adults do, he is going to be doing his best to save another person’s life. How extraordinary this young man is! There are not nearly enough people out there willing to do selfless acts of kindness for strangers and this is a huge deal.

Donating bone marrow is not like donating blood. It is a process that requires you to undergo anesthetic and it takes several days to recover, so there is some pain involved. The outcome however, can be life – changing, for both the donor and the receiver. The possibility that you could be the reason that someone gets to continue on their life’s journey is just phenomenal to me.

So kudos to Ford Yates, may he be successful in his bone marrow donation and may the man needing the donation live for many years to come! What a wonderful story to start my day!!

*Referenced article – UT student spending break donating marrow to stranger