Drunk Driver Runs Over SXSW Crowd in Austin

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I think that many of you would be in agreement when I say that drunk driving is one of the stupidest things that people can do. It is such an easy situation to prevent and on the off chance that the vehicle you are potentially going to crash is your own, why would you risk driving if you are not in complete control of yourself?!?

Well this not-too-bright driver, Rashad Owens, in Austin last night decided that rather than be pulled over for drinking and driving, it would be much smarter to run over people instead.  Due to Owens’ complete lack of thought process, 2 innocent people are dead now and 23 others are injured.

This guy, Rashad Owens, in an effort to evade arrest, gunned his engine into a large crowd of people, who were celebrating at the annual SXSW festival that showcases music, and film artists. The two who died were on a moped and a bicycle that he hit. As a small stroke of luck the area that he ran through was less busy than it had been a little while before at least, but still 25 people – that is just insane.

Now Rashad Owens, instead of facing standard DWI charges, gets to face two counts of capital murder, and 23 counts of aggravated assault, in a state where we enjoy flicking the switch.  Let this be a lesson. If you are going to drink don’t drive. If you are going to drink and drive, don’t evade arrest. If you are going to drink, drive and evade arrest, DON’T DRIVE INTO A CROWD OF PEOPLE.


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