Woman Ripped Right In HALF By Vicious Dog!

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*Warning – Photo displayed shows a severed body!*

Pocketville was a safe and quiet town until late this Friday morning when in a horrific turn of events Polly Pocket was ripped right in half by a vicious, crazed pitbull! Oh, the humanity!!!! Polly was a mother of three little Pocket babies and worked in the Pocketville city hall as a judge.  Apparently this pitbull just didn’t like the new law about dog drool that had been passed – requiring all animals to pay a fine for all citizens who get covered in drool.

As a statement of terrorism this crazy dog leapt out of no-where and chomped right on poor Polly, she never even saw the end coming! She is survived by Mr. Pocket, her three children and the whole city of Pocketville.  Though made of plastic and completely imagined out of the realms of a five-year old brain, Polly will be dearly missed.

As for the pitbull – sentencing has yet to be determined as the Pocketville citizens are having a hard time apprehending the beast.

Vicious Pitbull Resting After Attack On Polly

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