Miley Cyrus and Censorship

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Miley Cyrus has a concert scheduled at the At&t Center in San Antonio this weekend and while I am not a fan of her music, her personality, pretty much her anything at all – I am going to write about her a bit.

A concerned parent wanted the city to require her to clean up her act so that children under 13 years of age could attend her concert. I imagine it is a parent who would like the opportunity to enjoy her music while not having to pay a babysitter- or the child is 12 and “wants what they want when they want it” and their parent indulges it. Either way, causing a person to censor their act to accommodate every available age group is ridiculous.

Miley Cyrus prides herself on her outrageous public demeanor. As she should be able to. Yes, as a parent I find it completely overdone and irritating but I bet she would find my laugh just as annoying and I would never censor my laugh to make people happy.  We have the freedom in this country to act how we want, within the guidelines of our federal and state law of course, but that still allows for a broad range of different behavior types.

And Miley Cyrus has followers/fans.  A LOT of fans who go to see her act outrageous and crazy. Would she really be willing to tone her act down on the chance that she would be upsetting the majority of her true fans just to make a parent happy? Clearly she is not one who cares what parents think, so I am going with a no on that one.

So, my comment towards the one parent in the city who has requested to subdue Miley Cyrus‘ right to a crazy performance is, GET A BABYSITTER. She is going to be around for awhile, your kids can always go to a performance when they are old enough to understand the ‘adult’ context of her shows

Referenced article – Mother wants Bexar Co. to force Miley Cyrus to clean up her act for S.A. concert



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