Steve-O Showed His Touristy Side – With a Flip Into the San Antonio River

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So Steve-O is in town for a few comedy shows at the Rivercenter Comedy Club in San Antonio this weekend and really got the spotlight as he decided to do something right along the lines of his “Jackass” stunts.  In a spur of the moment he thought that doing a flip off of the Riverwalk bridge would be fun and make a great video so he went for it.

I am guessing two things in this situation. One – he has never learned the history of how much of the Riverwalk is man-made – and VERY shallow. The second is this – he has never read the book, ‘Joni An Unforgettable Story’ – because if he had (no matter what age he was when reading it) he would NEVER forget the dire importance that checking water levels has.  Joni Eareckson has long been one of my favorite authors primarily because she herself wrote about her experience in diving into shallow water and becoming a quadriplegic.

Fortunately for Steve-O, he has been blessed with more lives than a cat and he made it through uninjured. But I will bet he thinks twice before the next random body of water appears before him to leap in to.  Or not. Hard to say.

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Video of his jump

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