St. Patricks Day 5 Fun Facts to Start off the Morning!

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I am Irish (I know, that last name Wahl is not really a giveaway – but my maiden name is O’Shea – as Irish as it gets! :)) – so of course I enjoy all the St. Patrick’s Day fun! So I thought I would start the day off right with five fun St. Patrick’s Day facts for you lovers of this little holiday!

1.) The odds of actually finding a four – leaf clover are 1 in 10,000, but don’t let that stop you from trying! It shouldn’t take that long to check out 10,000 clovers!

2.) Until 1970 St. Patrick’s Day was actually a non-alcoholic holiday.  Every year they would wear green but all of the pubs would be closed because St. Patrick’s Day was actually a religious observance – then in 1970 they re-classified it as a national holiday and the pubs all opened up!

3.) Because so many Irish families had to leave Ireland in during the potato famine there are currently more Irish ancestors estimated to be living in the United States than there are in Ireland today.

4.) The shamrock is NOT the symbol of Ireland despite its popular association to it. The harp is actually the symbol most related to Ireland since before the medieval time period.

5.) And last but not least – today is actually the day that St. Patrick died – so we celebrate the death of a Roman slave who drove the snakes out of Ireland – many by going out and drinking green beer, me by wearing green as a token of appreciation for a patron saint.

So this holiday may be completely upside-down and silly but that’s OK. There is nothing wrong with celebrating nonsensical things, I think it keeps people fun!


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