The Only Autobiography Narrator For Me – Morgan Freeman

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On Facebook the other day a friend posted a question – “If you could have someone narrate your autobiography who would it be?” So I thought about it for a whole .0003 seconds and posted up MORGAN FREEMAN!

Here are the five reasons why I would like Morgan Freeman to narrate my personal autobiography.

1.)               Because he is MORGAN FREEMAN.  I mean really as a number one reason how could anyone go wrong having Morgan Freeman telling the story of their life?  He made penguins look EPIC. (For those of you not familiar with his work, he narrated March of the Penguins in 2005.)

2.)               The second reason I would have Morgan Freeman narrate my autobiography is because of his voice.  Have you ever listened to his voice? He has a Fantastic, relaxed, deep tone that just makes you feel like whatever he has to say is not only important, but wonderful. You know that the vocals are the most important part of a narration, if you don’t pick the right voice you end up with a crowd of people snoring to your story instead of completely absorbed into it.

3.)               The third reason I would have Morgan Freeman narrate my story, he is completely experienced! With all of his wonderful acting skills and previous narrating work, I would not have to wonder if he could be successful in telling my story, he could probably even make my story sound Exciting! Let’s face it, there is not a whole lot in my autobiography that would have people sitting on the edge of their chairs in anticipation.  There are a couple of spicy places but I bet Morgan Freeman could make the whole thing sound enthralling.

4.)               The fourth reason I would have Morgan Freeman narrate my autobiography is that I think he would be wonderful to work with.  He seems like such a friendly and nice guy I don’t know how anyone could NOT want to work with him! He has done a lot of different charity work and even seems pleasant towards paparazzi, who you know as well as I do – are VERY difficult to get along with especially when they are popping by your window at 2:00 A.M. looking for some tasty little number to plaster up in their juicy tabloid. – Not that that has or ever will happened to me…LOL.

5.)               And last but certainly not least, the fifth reason I would want to have Morgan Freeman narrate my autobiography is, HE IS MORGAN FREEMAN.  Seriously, do you need any other reason?!?!?! He is a brilliant actor, director, and narrator. I bet he is a wonderful dad and until his unfortunate divorce I bet he was a great husband as well. There should be more people out there like Morgan Freeman – if there were the pool of my potential autobiography narrators would certainly be much bigger! But for now, if you ever read this Morgan Freeman – you are welcome to narrate my autobiography anytime you want you fantastic man you!

How about you guys (my friendly followers!)? Who would you want to write your autobiography? I would love to know who and why! Don’t be shy, there are no wrong answers in my book! 🙂


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