Kevin Trudeau Finally Gets to Pay for His Deceitful Nature

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ImageKevin Trudeau is one of those guys who has managed to hoodwink tons of people into buying nonsense that he passes off as reality.

In my own experience, I grew up on the infomercials that Kevin Trudeau was always doing where he was trying to sell this book, or that book and talking about how the government doesn’t want us to know about these cures.  In fact, a couple years after I was diagnosed with focal point epilepsy I actually thought about buying one of his books that had the cure to everything, epilepsy being on that list of course.

But, I am one of those people who researches the life out of things before I invest my effort into trying them and upon a generic search of Kevin Trudeau’s background, I knew better than to fall for his schpeel. Over the years I have often laughed at the bogus nature of his T.V. performances and how emphatic he is about nonsense.  It made me think that maybe what he has is a compulsive lying disorder and that pushed him into this shady lifestyle.

Well after he finally was getting looked at for his not so legit sales pitches he married a girl quietly in an attempt to hide all of his assets because he knew his days were numbered and it looks like he was right in his preventive actions. He has earned himself 10 years in lock-up for his deceptions.  I brushed up on my details in the article I reference below and there was someone interviewed who thinks that the only damage Kevin Trudeau has done was to swindle $30 a person for the books they bought but I disagree.

There are a ton of people out there who do not take the time to make an informed buying decision, and these were the ones that Kevin Trudeau felt he needed to take advantage of. Because they went out and purchased his book they were making a choice to not take the correct route in their health care decisions and that could very well have a long term impact on them.  So because of his shadiness, people out there spent money that could have been better spent, and missed out on opportunities to fix their health issues through hospitals and other methods that have proven better than the baloney Kevin Trudeau was shoveling out.

I hope he gets to enjoy his 10 years behind bars. He definitely deserves it, in my opinion.

Referenced article – TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for bilking customers


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