School Principal Controversy

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Apparently the day before Valentines Day this year the principal at Brackenridge High School in San Antonio was arrested for DWI. I know, big deal right? If no one was hurt then why does it matter? Well I kind of think that as a principal you are considered the top role model for the entire school that you run. As a role model does this not come off as completely irresponsible and potentially dangerous behavior? And why would I, as a parent, want someone like that influencing the decisions that my kids make not only on a daily basis, but their long term future goals?

This article is so completely vague, not wanting to mention his name and not giving out specific details on his arrest, it makes me wonder why it is that the police would not want to disclose all information pertaining to the incident. Either it will clear him from any wrongdoing or it will show what kind of a person is running this high school.  And if he was indeed arrested for DWI I should think that he would lose his job.  It only seems fair, I mean how many people out there would lose their jobs for something like that who aren’t responsible for 100+ students daily?  It is just outrageous to me.  If you want to DRINK then drink, but don’t be an IDIOT and drive afterwards.  Call someone for a ride or get a CAB.

There is NEVER a reason to drive after consuming alcohol. There are so many other options available that don’t involve risking your life or the lives of the innocent people that are killed from that reckless behavior. If you are old enough to go out and drink in the first place than you are old enough to know better than to get behind the wheel when wasted. SMH. Ridiculous.

*Referenced article: SAISD: Review underway after principal charged with DWI




As a follow – up on this story I just read that this principal has now been placed on leave.  A MONTH AFTER his arrest.  It has taken an entire month to confirm that this guy was in the wrong?! I don’t get how this is possible.

And in an interesting twist of events, not only was this man drunk driving – he was driving on an expired registration (2011) and did not have his current address on his license. The address update is no big deal, there are tons of people out there who don’t keep that current but to not have paid a vehicle registration in several years is just ridiculous.

This is NOT the kind of person that should be influencing children. There are a million jobs out there for people who are not representing themselves as someone who should be looked up to but in the education system there is a basic expectation of decent behavior.

At least that is my opinion. If I were to portray myself as a teacher, I would certainly behave in a manner that should make the kids I teach respect me.  Drunk driving and unpaid bills are NOT a respect earner.

Even as a parent there is an expectation of me that I try everyday to fulfill. I don’t get in the car and ride unbuckled, I don’t let my kids think that being late in payments is responsible behavior. I try to set a standard for them so that as they grow up they have a basis for good decisions.

Referenced article – Brackenridge principal placed on leave


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