The Real Problem is the Movie Theaters!

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That’s right, I have decided that it isn’t the guns, knives, crazed lunatics, or random cars that are the cause of murders at Movie Theaters, I think it is the Movie Theater itself! I mean, isn’t that the next logical step after deciding that a man can’t be to blame, and a weapon can’t be to blame?

If we didn’t have movie theaters then people couldn’t get mad at texting during movies….unless they were at home watching the movie and their friends got annoyed by it, but that is your own fault for inviting people over to watch a movie knowing you are going to be an annoying person the whole time and text.

If we didn’t have movie theaters people wouldn’t have to already be pre-disposed to murder. You read that correctly, the prices of movies are so terribly over-priced that people, immediately upon entering a theater are ready to go on a killing rampage!

Then after emptying your wallet for a movie that you are going to see once, probably hate and never want to talk about again, you have to buy what? POPCORN.  If you weren’t ready to kill just for the ticket prices, how about the line to the snacks…immediately followed by the emptying of your bank account to buy a tiny box of popcorn and a mammoth soda that will have you peeing halfway through the flick.

After spending all of your hard earned money at this stinkin’ movie theater, the only thing you want to do is peacefully watch a movie.  And then what happens? Someone has to be ANNOYING.  That is where the last straw comes in and suddenly you have a crazed lunatic using whatever happens to be convenient to murder the jerk who ruined their night.

So don’t get dragged into the appeal of a movie theater! They are dark, sanity sucking, vortexes of evil and should be avoided at all costs!

(If you haven’t picked up on my sarcasm here, I am making a joke about how it is never anyone’s fault when they go on a killing rampage in a theater!)

All of this was based on the article I just read informing us of man who had hit another person, killing them, in the parking lot of a movie theater with their vehicle this past weekend. Apparently after a verbal confrontation in the theater’s restroom the angry, crazed lunatic party, thought that the only solution to their argument was to kill the person.

If he hadn’t have been all hopped up on the hormones released when you are over-charged for a move, this murder could have been prevented!

On serious note, this murderer and a passenger (accomplice) drove away and were not apprehended. At this time if you do know anything about the hit and run please make sure you notify the authorities.

Reference article – Man slain after argument in Houston-area movie theater


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