Lost Kindergartner Found on Loop 410

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I am pretty sure that this is right up on the top ten list of every parent’s worst nightmare.  You go to pick up your child from school and they are not there. EEK.  This year my daughter Emileen will be starting Kindergarten, and of all of my emotional dysfunctions in regards to her growing up – my fear of her being left behind by the school bus, being kidnapped from school, of wandering off from school is hitting the red zone.

Yesterday a Kindergartner from Castle Hills Elementary School was found wandering around off of Loop 410 in San Antonio. For those of you who don’t know the city, there are two major highways that circle around San Antonio called loops and 410 is one of those. Both loops are crazy busy with traffic and extremely dangerous for pedestrians to be out wandering on, let alone lost little children.

Apparently this child ended up on a bus that took him along his old route, his family had recently moved, and the driver let him off at his old stop WITHOUT verifying that his parent was there to walk him home which is a big NO NO, especially if the child is in Kindergarten. Fortunately for this child the person who eventually picked him up was not a stalker/murderer, it was a good Samaritan and she made sure the child made it home safely.

With all of the procedures put into place to ensure children’s safety going to and from school, there is always something that can happen. So when I am feeling like I am being over-protective and crazy about keeping my kids in the nest and not rushing them into Kindergarten, I will just pull this article out and know that I am not completely off my rocker!

Referenced article – 

Kindergartner found wandering Loop 410 access road after bus mix-up


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